10 Recipes for Fennel and Pasta for Fennel Friday

fennel friday fennel and pasta recipes

Whooooosh and the week goes by and by the time we have our next Fennel Friday, it will be MAY!!  MAY?!?

Time to slow down a bit, savor some amazing food and, of course, smell the fennel fronds!  This week for Fennel Friday, we are highlighting Fennel and Pasta – a perfect combo if I ever heard of one!  Fennel is great in sauces and sausage, as a feature or main ingredient or as the seed.

Fennel Pollen will finish your dish and have guests begging for more!

Cue the Italian Music and Mangia!  Let’s Eat!

Share a favorite Fennel and Pasta recipe in the comments below or on twitter using the hashtag #FennelFriday!

Next week … we are having FENNEL AND FISH … get your fishy recipes together and join in!



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