Fabulous Fennel Friday – 10 Recipes to Inspire a Fennel Conga Line

Fennel makes us happy … conga line dancing HAPPY!

A vegetable with health benefits that tastes good too??  Who wouldn’t be dancing the conga?!

Also, consider that March is here and Spring is on the way and we will be talking about spring and baby fennel in the upcoming weeks … all the great things to do with fennel from bulb to frond and don’t forget the fennel pollen!

I have had the grill out this past week and using fennel pollen as a finishing touch on the grilled fish has been amazing, as well as the fennel itself on the grill – I created a conga line in the backyard!

Get creative and INSPIRED!  For this Fabulous Fennel Friday, we have put together 10 Fennel Recipes to Inspire a Fennel Conga Line!  Do you have one?  Leave us a link and … STAY TUNED for the Fabulous Fennel Giveaway that starts today!


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