Fennel Friday and Fantastic Fennel Salads

Spring has arrived this week and brought warm temps all over.

There is nothing more refreshing, in our Humble Opinion, than a salad comprised of Fennel!  Raw fennel is crunchy, sweet, and fragrant and it comes with health benefits as well!

Why would you want to put Fennel in a salad?

  1. You can eat a whole bulb for under 100 calories
  2. Fennel aids in digestion
  3. Fennel is a great source of Folate, Fiber and Vitamin C
  4. 1 cup gives you 10% of your daily value of potassium and half of your daily value of protein
  5. Did we mention that a whole bulb is under 100 calories?
Fennel is being harvested as we speak so you should be able to find some deliciously tender baby fennel at the Farmer’s Market or in the stores.
Another great Fennel Salad Tip:  Use Fennel Pollen sprinkled on your salad to finish it off – YUM!
Here are some wonderful salad ideas to get Fennel on your plate!
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  1. Angel says:

    I try it at home. Its great i like it. Upload more.

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