Fennel Friday by the Sea! 11 Fish, Seafood & Fennel Recipes

fish and fennel recipesWaves crashing, gulls crying and the wind blowing all of your troubles away as you sink your toes into the sand.  The Sea … The Beach … and the fruit of the sea – FISH and SEAFOOD!

Happy Fennel Friday!  

Today we are sharing recipes that pair seafood and fennel – from the bulb to the stems to the fronds to the Fennel Pollen – all parts of fennel come into play when preparing some of these divinely aromatic dishes.

Personally, I love to rub the M-Ocean Fennel Pollen blend directly onto my fish and get it on the grill – the spices in M-Ocean (Pollen Ranch Fennel Pollen, Almond Powder, Parsley, Orange Peel, Fleur de Sel (Sea Salt), Black Pepper, Cayenne) are perfect complements to fish or seafood and can enhance any dish!

Fish and Fennel have a long history together:

In the Middle Ages, Fennel was used in many salted fish preparations during Lent to make the salted fish taste better and also for the health benefits and aid in digestion.

In a Provençal dish in France, fish are grilled au fenouil, over burning fennel, which imparts a characteristic smokiness and flavor to the fish.

Court Bouillon – traditionally used for poaching fish and seafood, usually has fennel in it as well.

Whether fish or scallops or shrimp suit your fancy, fennel can make it better!

We have 11 Fabulous Fennel Recipes that have fennel and fish or seafood to inspire and delight you for Fennel Friday!

Do you have a Fennel recipe that you would like to share?

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