Fennel Friday Has a Sweet Tooth – 8 Fennel Recipes for Dessert

Every single day should be about dessert … chocolate, cupcakes, sweet treats … of course, the health benefits of dessert every day may not be the most brilliant plan but perhaps you can justify it, if the dessert is FENNEL!

Fennel is a Renaissance vegetable – a multi-tasker – flexible in ways that most other vegetables are not. And healthy too!

This week for Fennel Friday, we are focusing on the Sweet Life … fennel recipes for dessert because every day should be about dessert in a healthy way!

Some inspirations for Fennel and Desserts …

Do you have a Fennel recipe that you would like to share?

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We have 8 inviting, inspirational fennel dessert recipes to make you start thinking about Fennel AND dessert – TOGETHER!



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