#FennelFriday Pizza Party

Fennel Pizza from Cooking Light

Think about Pizza.

Now think about Pizza Toppings … sausage, pepperoni, onions, mushrooms, black olives, even anchovies.

Rarely do you see a Fennel topped pizza until TODAY.  We have 8 luscious, mouthwatering inspirations for you to make this Fennel Friday all about Fennel Pizza!

Roast it, grill it, caramelize it and then combine  it with your favorite cheeses and additional toppings to create mouth ecstasy.

Now Think About Fennel Pizza.


Better yet, think about sprinkling some culinary fairy dust like Fennel Pollen on top of ANY pizza.

YUM to the 10th degree.

Tweet us your favorite Fennel recipes on the twitter hashtag #FennelFriday even if they aren’t pizzas – we love to hear about how you are using fennel!



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