Review of Fennel Pollen on Huffington Post – Intense and Mysterious Fennel Pollen

We LOVE when fennel pollen gets good press and recently, fennel pollen has had some REALLY good press. There was the great article in the Wall Street Journal about fennel pollen being culinary fairy dust and now, the Huffington Post has an article from Jesse Kornbluth from

From the Huffington Post – Intense and Mysterious Fennel Pollen:

Why fennel pollen?

Because it’s both intense and subtle. Because it makes tired recipes seem new. Because guests will find it… mysterious. Because it’s a very cool gift for foodies who think they have everything.

… Pollen is a flavor enhancer. It delivers the licorice taste of fennel. And a hint of anise. But the magic of the pollen is that it not only adds new notes of flavor, it moves the basic flavor of a food front and center. It’s like a little more light in a room, a slight boost of volume in music. Pleasure that you can’t quite identify follows.

We could not agree more!  Fennel Pollen elevates and enhances all of the dishes were you add it.

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