Fennel Friday – Roasted Fennel

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  Roasted Fennel and Roma Tomatoes from Petit Elefant Spicy Roasted Tomato and Fennel Soup from Hungry Goddess Tuna, White Beans and Roasted Fennel Salad from Wild Greens and Sardines  Roasted Fennel and White Bean Dip from Food52 Roasted Fennel and Citrus Salad from Love and Cupcakes Blog Roasted Fennel and Butternut Squash Soup from […] Read more »

Beet and Fennel Recipes for #FennelFriday

Fennel and Beet Recipes

Earthy beets and sweet, aromatic fennel make a great combination in an array of different dishes in this weeks #FennelFriday recipe round-up! From fresh raw salads paired with citrus notes to hearty roasted dishes, beets and fennel are a pair that do not disappoint. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite beet and […] Read more »

Apple and Fennel Recipes for #FennelFriday

Apple and Fennel Recipes for Fennel Friday

The sweet crunch of apple is a lovely complement to the anise crunch of fennel and they are frequently paired to delightful conclusion! Especially with the upcoming Fall season, roasting the apple and fennel or creating a Fall gratin are just two ways to enjoy a twist on Autumn recipes.  Even slicing them up raw […] Read more »

Fennel Snack Recipes for #FennelFriday

Fennel Snack Recipes for Fennel Friday

Crunching on raw fennel is an easy, delicious and healthy snack option, but there are bunches of other ways to take your snack cravings to the next level and incorporate fennel! Fennel Friday this week is all about our snacks … the mini-grazes between meals … or meal replacements on the run.  Just because it […] Read more »

Fennel Friday Frenzy

Fennel Friday Frenzy Recipes Mosaic

We have a special Fennel Friday for you today!  We reached out to Food Bloggers and asked them to share some of their Fennel Creations and we added a few other favorite tidbits as well! Get into the Fennel Frenzy and share your fennel recipes on twitter using the hashtag #FennelFriday! Remember, if you use […] Read more »