Fennel Soup Recipes Roundup for #FennelFriday

fennel soup recipes for fennel friday

Soup is one of our favorite comfort foods and is always in season. We have some great chilled Fennel Soups and some wonderful, crawl into bed and slurp from the bowl soups.  Fennel pairs well with other vegetables for delicious veggie-filled soups that can be pureed and finished off with fennel pollen. Fennel and fennel […] Read more »

Soup’s On For Fennel Friday!

fennel and soup

Temperatures are dropping everywhere so Fennel Friday this week is all about SOUP! One of my favorite ways to spend a winter day is prepping a soup and having it simmer away on stove.  The aroma fills the house and each spoonful warms the belly! Fennel pairs beautifully with winter vegetables – potatoes, beets, squash, [...] Read more »